Two Democratic lawmakers just said stealthing is sexual assault. What are your thoughts on the subject?

I would disagree about the sexual assault part but definitely the second charge. Problem with the first is it is basically unprovable in a court room it would be he said she said. Also are we going to charge women with sexual assault if they lie and say they are on the pill when they aren’t?

I don't think the "sexual assult" label really matters that much. Its clearly wrong and should be highly illegal. Although I don't think the label is too off the mark either. Just because its not easily provable shouldn't matter. Its still a sexual crime by way of force (more then other "sexual assaults" anyway)

And yes a women lieing about taking birth control pills should definitely be a crime. Even if the father wouldn't have legal obligations to the child, its still his offspring and he should have the right to choose if he wants to reproduce or not. And sexual assasult is still a fitting name because it still is a forced sexual act.

Or maybe we should have a new label called "pregnancy assault" lol.

If it isn’t an enforceable law then it serves no purpose and leads to either 0 convictions or a less than beyond reasonable doubt statute for convictions. Also you are still agreeing to intercourse willingly just with stipulations and condoms can break how do you differentiate in a courtroom so that doesn’t fit the category of sexual assault.

I see you're point and it does make sense. I wouldn't want to give people another reason to abuse the legal system around sexual assault. Too many false claims as it is. But theres got to be some kind of protection against these sort of things.

Then again on the other hand, it might discouge people from having sex so carelessly. And there really isn't a way to distinguish between "stealthing" and birth control failure either, which could be a problem.

If people waited until marriage this wounldn't be an issue.

wow you learn something new every day. never heard of 'stealthing' before, why, what, huh? i HAD heard of women poking holes in condoms or lying about being on the pill to get pregnant tho. people are WEIRD.