Trump said the US could conceivably go back to being part of the Paris climate agreement... What do you make of this? As a supporter, I am frustrated by the whiplash. Is he unprincipled, does he not understand what the Paris agreement is, or is this 34937252037D chess?

I'm not sure what he said, but likely it would have to be beneficial some how. He probably wants to make sure the agreement would actual work without hurting the US economy. My guess is that he's just implying that he's not against the agreement, he's just pro economy.

I think Trump's administration is trying hard to not look like it hates the environment (REEEEEE), which is motivating this. IF terms were changed I'm not completely against the US being part of the Paris agreement, but really, the reasons Trump pulled out of Paris were valid, and it'll be a total flip-flop if he signs onto it without his concerns having been addressed.