this'll sound a tad ingratiating, but why are so many eurasian girls so beautiful? or is that just a myth/biased view because less-beautiful people don't get shown or put themselves out there as much?

Studies show that humans tend to be attracted to "averages" of faces (compilations of faces), and I guess in a manner of speaking, mixed race people are sort of averages of two or more races. Perhaps the reason some people say multiracial individuals (including Eurasians, but also black/white and any other combinations) tend to be good looking is because they might have desirable traits found across racial groups. Just my 2 cents, IDK tho :)

@RoamingMillennial Smooth.

that's an interesting idea. it might also be that there's a barrier to having an interrracial relationship, and that makes only the 'best' go for it? because studies show that beautiful people get more leeway and respect etc? it's pretty interesting, but probably one of the many areas of study that is taboo in today's PC colleges

Well theoretically, since inbreeding is extremely unhealthy, logic would suggest that the more diverse your genes are, the healthier you are. And since beauty is based on health, it stands to reason that mixed race people would be healthier and therefore more beautiful.


yeah, that's another good point. i believe there is some debate whether beauty and health are completely linked, but the study of beauty and attractiveness is quite a small and slightly suspect field from what i can see. very interesting, but not particularly solid.