Thank you for your work, you are doing the west a great service. I just watched the Q&A you did at Lafayette. Was it disheartening to see how immaturely an enormous portion of the audience was acting? I do not think it is hyperbolic to say that they were acting like children who were never socialized properly and I think it speaks to a larger issue with people of a similar age to you an I not maturing into adulthood. Being exceptionally empathetic/emotionally sensitive is one thing but it's almost as if these people never developed the ability to process and organize their emotions in a functional way when interacting with other people. Politics aside, does this worry you when thinking about our "generation" moving forward to a time where we are the ones largely steering society 20/30 years down the road.

I had hoped that maybe people weren't really like this, that it was exaggerated. But after that video I know it wasn't. These people have definitely not been raise well. Its like they've never been told no before. They don't understand how to disagree with people. It could lead to a huge problem in the future when all these people are going to have to fend for themselves and there not going to know how.

Although I do think there are still mostly sane people out there, and the younger generations are getting more conservative, so the future will probably be better.

That event definitely was disheartening. I hadn't expected so much emotion and antagonism from the students, and I was also shocked at how inarticulate most of them seemed to be. My hope is that a lot of their naivete and emotional responses are just due to their young ages. Fingers crossed they mature a little after they graduate...


Thank you Roaming. Hey Armadillo, god i hope you are right. It just scares me looking into the future. As a society we cannot "diversity hire" these many people into positions of economic power. Not just because that's a terrible idea but because employers will only ever hamper their business so much to appease the SJWs. It's just a perfect storm to collapse an already burdened welfare state, but than again I am not an economist, I really hope all of my fears are unfounded.

For the past few decades we've had an explosion of innovation in many feilds, but soon the generation that made those innovations could retire and the current generation isn't prepared to replace them. But companies are willing to hire them anyway because of superficial characteristics (colour, gender, etc.). There is a real possibility that the growth we've enjoyed recently could end.

Thankfully STEM feilds tend to have more mature people, so even if current companies ruin themselves with social justice, new ones could come along. And like I said younger generations are more conservative so we're unlikely to re-enter a dark ages like era. But there could be lots of people with "gender" or phycology degrees that won't be able to get good work. Ironically, these people are the ones likely to become house wives.