So, I've spent some time recently getting to know some of the issues and personalities in this strange culture war.
And now I think I'm going to block all social media, 'news', and youtube, except for an hour once a week for entertainment.
Wow, just thinking about it is like a cool refreshing breeze. Ahhhh.

Edit: I'm just gona stick to reading books. Sorry roaming, I'll try to fit you in now and then, but the youtube twitter scene is just not conducive to good thinking, imho. If you ever write a book though I'll be queuing up to get it.

That's probably a smart idea. I often find that I enjoy gettting away from the whole thing. There really is much more to life then this.

I give you a week before you come crawling back.

@Armadillo lol probably. gotta get my fix of millennial soap operas :)