Roamy, do you like ASMR? :)

@Armadillo It's basically just a relaxing feeling that some? people get when seeing or hearing or feeling various 'triggers', and use for relaxation and getting to sleep. It got the name AutoSensoryMeridianResponse somehow, which is a shame because that name sounds very pseudoscientific and silly imo.

Youtube is the main place for it, with lots of mostly pretty women (like anything on youtube lol). There's kinda like a whole canon of triggers that has built up: various sounds, different types of speech and mouth sounds, a whole bunch of roleplays - from the expected, like doctors, teachers, hair and makeup (close proximity and personal attention are a big part of it) - to imaginitive ones like aliens or vampires or various selfmade characters. And of course recently youtube has been demonetizing tonnes of the videos from an ill-deserved reputation of it being sexual, or maybe just coz youtube sucks recently.

It's weird and kinda cool, and makes for nice background sounds if nothing else.

Hm, odd. I thought it was that tingling feeling you get when watching an epic moment in movie.

That is called frission, I think.

Some of those youtube ASMR girls are borderline camming if you ask me. It has lost the terapeutic nature.

@Jonuca Yeah, when it got a bit popular lots girls showed up for the 'betabux' and made it even more misunderstood. They're usually bad at it tho, it is pretty hard to get the right mood and sound.

Same with twitch, which has became in a PG13 camsite.

I've actually never watched any ASMR. Am I missing out?

@RoamingMillennial Possibly! It's kind of a love it or hate it thing. Some people just can't stand the idea of people whispering in their ears, or think it's weird. It's worth a shot though for when you feel stressed or can't sleep, or even just for background sounds.

I wouldn't know who to recommend, it's pretty personal who or what one person likes.
But Gentlewhispering is one of the top names and is great.

asmrmania has an english channel and a russian channel

also, latte asmr is consistently top notch

But part of the fun is just discovering the ones that rickle your fancy. Sometimes women prefer male ASMRtists and vice versa.