True. I would be a nice addition to this site to get a list of scheduled appearances and links to the shows after they are complete. A moderator could also do it for her.

Alright guys, lets do it!

There is an "Events" page. Maybe this stuff could go there?

The events place seems to be for public speaking events. There should be a section for guest appearances. And also a section for the exclusive content so it is easier to find (like some of the videos that are only here).

I think that would improve this site a lot.

Well she did say she'd ask about a new section so hopefully we'll get one soon.

It's a nicely setup site already and easy to navigate but that one section is (imo..) a must. It makes it easy to find all content she's part of. Also we'd get less of Where is Roaming? Well she's here, here and here.. rather than dropped off the map. Obviously not the case as she appears to be fairly busy and dedicated to what she does..

@justair I agree, that section could easily be kept updated by the moderators. It would also drive more traffic to this site.

Yeah, which I'd guess is part of the reasoning behind creating it. Plus there is more control and freedom. Anyone coming here is already a fan of her commentary so get it to the point that everyone has it book marked and pops in... it will bring the undesirables as well but hopefully that's already been accounted for.

I posted a list in culture section, so check it out and post anything I missed!