roaming, idk if you've covered this in a video, but do you believe that the immigration crisis - the influx of non-western, especially islamic, people into western societies, especially europe - is a purposeful plan, or just something that is happening by itself? and if you think it is a plan, who are the planners? thank you

I'd say Saudi Arabia and elements within America are largely responsible, Hillary Clinton's war in Libya paved the way for all this stuff, as well as the resurgence of black people being sold in the slave trade in Libya. Everything points to Saudi Arabia being a lot worse than Iran, yet the West is on good terms with one and not the other, very strange. Saudi Arabia are lining the pockets of Hillary et al of course, which helps...

interesting. yeah, saudi arabia is a bad country. i assume the west sucks up to them because of oil and money. idk much about the war in libya, was that part of the 'arab spring' thing? as far as i can tell that's what sparked the refugee crisis, right? and then economic migrants jumped on board, and any smart terror organisations would be trying to infiltrate with sleeper cells