French-Canadian issues

For Americans to really understand French-Canadian issues, we must turn to investigative journalism.

That was a wasted 12 minutes. The accent imitation is nowhere close.


If Quebec abolishes it's language laws, will people stop hating us?

@contributor77 It would probably help, yeah

In my province we have bilinguism, although more like dualism, but we're like 33% of the population.

Some anglophones still think it's unfair.

@RoamingMillennial Do you dislike the Quebec accent? (Acadian men mock it tbqh, we think it's gay)

@contributor77 No ha, I don't have any issue with it. It's not my favorite, but the accent doesn't particularly bother me.
I have no issue with bilingualism and actually think it's a good thing to speak more than one language, my only issue is with the Quebec government's unfair treatment of anglos.

@RoamingMillennial How proficient are you in French?

Do you know about people like Dieudonné and Alain Soral?

There are a lot of French conservatives but they are heavily suppressed.

Those people all align with the Trump movement.

@contributor77 I don't know either of those guys, but in terms of French I would have considered myself fluent while I was in school in Quebec, but that was 7 or 8 years ago, and since then my fluency has definitely deteriorated. I'd consider myself just functional now.