Do not ask for whom the bell tolls, for it tolls for waifu.

hehehe :D dw it's just a blank html page with that as the title. i thought potato was an interesting addition tho.
hey, i wonder if roaming will lose many fans for not liking anime... i assume ~80% of her audience is guys and a big chunk of those are otaku-ish

Oh good lol. I don't know what's worse: the fact that it exsited or that somebody looked it up lol. I think she's mentioed it before though so she probably won't lose much ha.

no, i mean i made it just for that screenshot :D it's a html file on my pc. i thought'd it go nicely with the (real) webpages in the screenshot. as if i somehow stumbled upon a sextape featuring a potato, rm, lauren s, and blaire, and that made me need to find info about those health complaints and 'how to win friends'

(i have too much free time :P )

lol yeah I know what you ment.

life imitates art....... HOPEFULLY :D

sorry, this one first, then healing after

I have no idea what those videos have to do with anime. >_>

@Segev it's the start and end theme to the fabricated potato and political commentator sextape featured in my screenshot

Ah. Thanks for the clarification!