I'm so glad you bring forward a conservative millenial voice! What, in your experience, is the biggest difference between men and women, across all cultures?

Thanks for the support! XD
I've got to say that, in all the places I've lived, I've always noticed that men are far more competitive and aggressive (not necessarily physically) than woman, and tend to gravitate toward professions and hobbies that favor those traits. The fact that police forces, for example, are dominated by males isn't just a Western social construct, it's universal across all cultures. Similarly, I've also found that women tend to go for professions that relate to interpersonal relationships more. For example, I've worked in HR, and across the planet, it's very common for HR departments to have a disproportionate amount of females.
None of this is to say that a woman can't be a cop or that a man shouldn't work in HR, these are just some trends I've noticed that I think speak toward the fact that, on average, men and woman gravitate toward different things and have different personality traits.