is faith goldy the same age as lauren southern and roaming, but smokes and drinks?

Wait I'm confused, are you asking about Faith or RM? I don't know Faith's age but I thought RM was a bit older then Lauren. RM smoked with Michael Knowels in video once...

just being a meanie :D i thought lauren and roaming were similar ages, and faith is older and/or smokes and drinks. idk, i need a hobby

but nooo roaming don't smoke, it's unpure for a waifu!!

oh just saw it was cigars. that's fine! occasionally! i love a nice fat cuban... and i like cigars too! :D

Oh lol. I think she said she smokes only a few times a year? Still seems like a bad idea to me though, especially for someone who wants to be a mother as much as she does.

christ yeah, DO NOT smoke during pregnancy... or leading up to. that's a big nono. for the man too, makes the little swimmers pretty messed up

not to mention ah mechanical difficulties of the ahh vasular type for men. lol

Also if she gets hooked on smoking she might have a hard time not smoking before or during a pregnancy. Smoking around a baby after birth isn't a good idea either. I'd advise she quit now so by the time she's ready for children she'll be smoke free and with no addiction.

oo yeah good point. i assume she is pretty sensible about it.

smoking is a pretty interesting subject. should health services pay for what is, since the data has been available for generations now, a choice to self-harm in a way, foot the bill? should tobbacco companies be punished or something? or let the market decide? similar ideas with other proven carcinogens too

Faith is 28, lauren 22 & Roam 23. I didnt know she smoke that can turn in bad habit, no bueno.

fuck, marry, kill: faith+lauren+roam, roam, no-one because murder is bad

@ArthurM what???

@Jonuca haven't you heard of the fuck marry kill game before?

@ArthurM No, i'm not from U.S.

@Jonuca me neither. it's just a silly thing where you ask people to choose what they would do to 3 celebrities for example. would they want to fuck, marry, or kill them?

@ArthurM Ok. Now i feel like...