I wonder if you could do a summary/introduction video to this whole 'thing'? I'm pretty new and it's hard to grasp the big picture, and often I get lost down some entertaining sidepath.

I wouldn't know where to start, and I can imagine it'd be pretty difficult to condense, but worth a shot?

@Armadillo Do many people think this culture war is purposeful and orchestrated? And if so who or what do people think is behind it?

No, thats more of the alt-right's thing. Its mostly just people sharing their thoughts, trying to make the world a better place. :)

@Armadillo which youtubers are alt-right, and which are sensible like Roaming? and just for a laugh, on the left are there any sensible voices?

Ha I'm not sure about alt-righters, but there are a bunch of sensible people out there! Check out RM's live streams with some people to get an idea (She de-lists them so you have to find them in the playlists section, I learned that one the hard way...). As for leftists, not sure of any sensible ones (They tend to shun people who try to think critically).