I wonder if you could do a summary/introduction video to this whole 'thing'? I'm pretty new and it's hard to grasp the big picture, and often I get lost down some entertaining sidepath.

I wouldn't know where to start, and I can imagine it'd be pretty difficult to condense, but worth a shot?

Umm, what exactly is the "thing" your talking about? Do you mean RM's work, or the skeptic community maybe? Its simple, RM makes videos that are logical, so SJWs block her on twitter and say something stupid about conservatives. Then, RM responds and the cycle starts again.

@ArthurM what are you talking about?

By the whole thing I mean all of the subjects that Roam and similar (and worse ;) ) youtubers etc talk about, and how they are linked: alt-right, sjw's, left vs right, progressivism, socialism, free speech, hate speech, immigration, conspiracy theories, racism, feminism, 'red pill' etc etc.

As an relative outsider and newbie it seemed to me that all of these things were part of one big thing?

Well its sort of a culture war. Leftists have a much larger voice in mainstream conversations so people like RM make videos online to try and get their thoughts out there and get people to think critically. Leftists and the alt-right conflict with people like RM because they see them as a threat to their agenda. That's it really. My previous comment still stands. It does seems to be making a difference with people like Laci Green getting "red pilled" more and more.

@Armadillo Do many people think this culture war is purposeful and orchestrated? And if so who or what do people think is behind it?

No, thats more of the alt-right's thing. Its mostly just people sharing their thoughts, trying to make the world a better place. :)

@Armadillo which youtubers are alt-right, and which are sensible like Roaming? and just for a laugh, on the left are there any sensible voices?

Ha I'm not sure about alt-righters, but there are a bunch of sensible people out there! Check out RM's live streams with some people to get an idea (She de-lists them so you have to find them in the playlists section, I learned that one the hard way...). As for leftists, not sure of any sensible ones (They tend to shun people who try to think critically).