I saw this article and while back as far as black people being oppressed you only need to look at the school systems in inner cities. They are never properly funded Like schools that have more of a white population. This leads to finding other ways out of their living situations unfortunately that might be crime. With that said my high school was poorly funded and I grew up in a majority white town and my home town is drug infested. To say POC are not oppressed is foolish why aren't their schools funded and after school activities promoted they would be on the west end of Manhattan. Follow that logic to the prison system and ask yourself why is it packed with People of color? There is a reason.

@poguemahone I thought the school thing was due to how the schools are funded? Schools are funded by the municipal level, meaning poor areas get poorly funded schools. I don't disagree that past segration is the cause of black communities being poor. And sadly poverty breeds poverty, so even though there is no oppression now theses areas are still in poverty. A good solution would be to fund schools at the state level.

Schools are funded on a state level the problem is that right wing politicians cut funding to education.

Poor communities need good teachers to go to these schools but because they are under funded they see no point to teach there

@poguemahone Actually they are funded by multiple levels, including federal. But a large part comes from the local taxpayers. So some get a lot of local funding while others get little and have to get by with just the state/federal funding. But yes, equal funding to all schools would likely help with the economic difference between black and white communities.