I know you're not Alt-Right, and neither am I, but what do you think is the logical conclusion to the prevalence of white guilt in Western society?

The prevalence of white guilt in the West won't last forever, and we're already seeing enormous backlash to it. The individualist/libertarian movement is growing, and with that ideologies like social justice (which advocate the concept of white guilt) are going to have less and less influence.


Just a shame that with Theresa May's "race audit" thing it seems as though white guilt isn't going anywhere in the UK anytime soon.


Yeah, getting pretty tired of white guilt. Hope it dosen't lead to more alt-right though.


I hope you're right, because a group can only be prodded for so long before either snapping and fighting back, or starting to settle into their new role. While the tide may be turning in the U.S, it seems to be growing steadily worse in Europe. This is why Swedish police don't report migrant crimes, and Dutch people don't lift a finger to stop public beatings, lest they be seen as "racist."