I have to put this here because I am honestly astounded and confused, and sickened. The few regulars here, could you chime in on this? The way Roaming ... pussyfoots around the subject in this video... referring to child rape as a mental disorder ... mentioning it in the same sphere as adult sexual relations ... I'm honestly shaken. Is this how people see this? Is this the narrative that has been fed to people???????

@poguemahone Yes,, that is huge issue within the Church. It's a bigger issue in the Catholic Church because it's much more unified and hierarchical (Protestants tend to be more independent), but it certainly happens in other denominations as well.

I think when it comes to Christians that is the issue to tackle. Weed out those sick freaks again I don't agree with you on the cross dressing thing or the gay/trans thing but I respect your opinion. I don't fully understand why that is the issue that Christians die on the hill for. I'd say the majority of the country either supports the issue or sees it as none of there business. With that said the energy that is spent condamn NG abortion gay/teans rights or simple cross dressing could be laser focused on real issues the hurt real people

@poguemahone I haven't really seen the Church speak out against gay/trans. Sure some smaller groups have, but a lot of Churchs support it. The reason it's such a big deal for some people though, is that it is accepted by society. Most people are against child abuse but more and more people support being gay/trans. Plus the gay/trans movement threatens the tradition nuclear family, which is the thing that our entire civilization is built upon. Also there is a difference between being against gay/trans and being against gay/trans rights. I don't want to take anybody's rights away, I want them to understand the weight of their behaviour.

Those churches that do are in the minority. As a church goer you represent the church. Churches also follow the word of the Bible as well. Well I don't know if there is a difference between being against gay/trans and against gay/trans rights. For instance the two big ones marriage and adoption. If you strip marriage nowa days its a contract nothing religious about it. Sure there can be a religious aspect to it if both parties want be it doesn't have to. Even if you go way way back it was a way to bring powerful families together. again with the lower class it might have had a religious aspect.So to deny gay marriage is looking at them as not equal or worthy of the same rights as you. Same with adoption a lot of religious people do not think gay people should be able to adopt children. Even when the straight family abuses the child they still feel a loving gay couple is worse. Gay marriage is not destroying the nuclear family there are more pressing issues on that like people jumping into marriage without knowing what they are getting into for one. Not sure I understand what you mean the weight of their behavior.

@poguemahone Sure there is a difference. I don't want to take marriage or adoption away, but I still think it's wrong. I don't agree with gay marriage at a Christian level, but legally it should be allowed (well, actually I don't think marriage should be a legal thing at all, but whatever). Adoption is a similar issue. I think it's too bad that it happens, but I say that about Muslims and atheists too, or really any family that's not traditionally Christian. I can't stop then from doing it though. By "weight of behaviour" I mean I'm trying to get them to know that being gay or trans is condemned by God and that practicing them won't lead to happiness.

I agree that marriage should not be a legal thing. At the same time it shouldn't be a solely a religious thing if you and your partner want it to be then it should I'd me and my partner don't it shouldn't ya know? Not sure I'm picking up that you are putting don't on the adoption part. I think you can have a stable family of any style of religion or no religion. As long as it is a loving family. Happiness is a worldly emotion so people can be happy with who they are gay straight whatever. If you believe that they won't go to heaven on account of it that's another thing. By gay/ trans people being pushed away from the church I'm hard pressed to believe that they care. The ones that hold those values do be the rest not sure. You certainly can have a discussion with them but don't forget pushing to hard can push away.

@poguemahone By the adoption thing I just mean I wouldn't want any child to not be raised Christian, but I can't really force that on people. I don't think being gay keeps you out of Heaven and I know a lot of gay people don't care. (Honestly, I would prefer people be gay Christians then straight atheists). I'm not trying to push them, I'm just telling them when the topic comes up.

That's good that your not pushy the one thing I think Christains and atheists have in common so if ya don't mind me asking what is it about christsinty that makes it better than jewism or Islam ?

@poguemahone Jesus of course! I just would prefer children grow up knowing Jesus. One interesting point though is that Islam has a more self-serving goal. They try to keep the pillars of Islam so that they might get to Heaven. They do it for themselves. While they are supposed to be charitable and things like that, they ultimately do it so they will be rewarded at the end. Christianity is based on faith in Christ, and because of that we can show kindness to others simply because it's kind and not except any reward.

What about Judaism? you said that you follow the old testament so you must me down with that as well? I think that it depends on the person. Speaking with you you seem to practice with faith in your heart and seem like its not the end game that matters. Again it is one thing that I have against the christian church the ability to buy your way into heaven. It might not be as blunt as days past but it is still there. I knew a guy sinned up and down went to church confessed and came out sinning some more I told him thats not how it works you repent and not do that sin again but ya what did I know I was not a true christian to him. So I think the person themselves can be self serving not so much the religion. honestly can't argue Jesus he did save us so... There has to be something else though Didn't Jesus preach the old testament stuff?

@poguemahone Yeah, sadly a lot of Christians don't really get how it works. As for Judaism, the modern version is different then during The Old Testament times (added texts and different traditions, etc). But it still shares a lot of values with Christianity. Jesus did preach The Old Testament, but He also fulfilled the law.

So is jewdism on the same level to you as Christsinty? The added text is why I feel the bible is corrupted my man it's always the old testament that people quote to condamn homosexuality. For me it's always been more of an existential argument I never want to push my belief on others nor to I want them questioning God. If anything to read between the lines of those added text.

@poguemahone No, I dislike Judaism as well because it rejects Christ. Both Testaments condemn homosexuality, and there's nothing wrong with quoting either.

You reject Judaism yet not there teachings? Jesus was jewish The only difference is that the people you branched off and followed Jesus became christians. There are differences for sure but... If you follow the old testament I find it weird to reject Judaism.

@poguemahone Yes, I don't like Judaism because it rejects Jesus. Some of it's teachings are good,, but as a whole it's not. That's why the Christians branched off.

When you say it rejects Jesus are you saying that it does not recognize Jesus as the son of God or....

@poguemahone Yes, that's what I mean.

Back to adoption if a gay couple was christian would you support that or....

@poguemahone Yeah that's a tricky one. It's certainly better then straight non Christians, but I still think a traditional family is more appropriate. But, again, I can't stop anybody from doing anything.

What makes traditional family? The way I se it if a couple has children care and love them regardless of sexual orientation that seems traditional that is what a family is