How come Latin Americans of all races describe themselves as a single ethnicity (Latino), but Americans of all races don’t describe themselves as a single ethnicity?

yeah. as an englishman i've always been confused at how americans call themselves irish or italian or black or latino rather than just, or at least first, american. i guess blood is thicker than whatever's in the melting pot?

Yeah there seems to be a weird racial divide in the US. Latino is more a culture then race though. Canada is similar in how everyone is "Canadian" but still have unique cultures and backgrounds. Canadians like me who have been here for generations are left out because "Canadian" isn't thought as being a unique background. I've even been asked "where are you REALLY from" after telling them my family is Canadian. (And those SJWs though that white people would never be asked stuff like that lol.)

we're all descended from the lizard people tho right?

The US has a weird attitude toward race, which doesn't make much sense when observing it from an outsider's perspective. I think most white Americans just identify as "white" rather than "British American," or "Irish American," and for most of them the identity of being American rather than being white is what's most important. Race isn't part of how they define themselves. For minority groups like black people, however, the focus of identity seems to include a much stronger racial element, which I think has been cultivated in that community first by historical oppression and segregation, then more recently over the past 40 years by leftist identity politics. It's strange.


when will they realise that as americans they are all secondclass anyway

I have always felt how it’s strange how Americans will see say an Amish person as “one of them”, just because they’re a non-Hispanic white American, but an American of let’s say Chinese descent, who is proudly American and doesn’t identify as Chinese, they will be othered with the term “Asian American”, even if the person feels that culturally they belong in the non-Hispanic white group.

Jimmy_Nelly, you're describing only some Americans' attitudes, there. In fact, you're describing leftist attitudes, where "white" and "black" and "hispanic" is more important than "Amish" or "Sports Fan" or "Gamer." Most of us do view things culturally, when we view them as subgroups at all. We're just called "racists" for not paying close enough attention to the skin color of the person practicing a given (sub)culture. And yes, a great many of us prefer to simply call ourselves "American."

Groups don't really exist, do they? Like, you can see and touch a person, but you can't see or touch Blacks or Americans or Amish or Gamers. This is probably Philosophy 101 or something. But whenever I hear people talk about pretty much anything now they talk as if they honestly think that a group or identity is an actual tangible thing. Like they really think 'white male' is an actual person that goes around stepping on an actual person named 'minority'. It's personification and anthropomorphism gone mad!

And then collectivism is like a religion where 'black; or 'socialist' or 'whatever' is an actual person that is more important than any single actual actual person, and they worship that. People be actin crazy.

An actual person with intention.