hong kong to me seems like it would be the perfect culture: british and far-eastern! is the british-ness very evident there?

Not as evident as it used to be when I was growing up, but still definitely noticeable! It's noticeable in any government services especially, and the western products that are available there are predominately British as opposed to being American, plus it's very common for professionals in HK to be educated in the UK :D It's a really cool culturally blend, definitely worth a visit to experience!

I'd love to visit, if I ever get out of my mom's basement ;) Yeah, I went to school with a few sons of HK professionals, they're well represented in elite English schools. what I especially like about HK though is what a great example of capitalism it is! top of the charts. plus, as i've said before:HOT EURASIAN GIRLS! ahem.