Hi Roaming. I've been a Black Ice since August. I would love to set up a one-on-one Skype call after 4 months of support anytime in December. :)


Maybe try her business email too though: roamingmillennial@gmail.com

Have fun!

what's a Black Ice? (except if i remember accurately a term from Neuromancer?)

@ArthurM This

He just spend 100 bucks, Roam better give him the call.

@ArthurM It's a Patreon level.

interesting. i wanna guess that the highest level is 'wintermute'? :P

@ArthurM Lol, I think Black ice is the highest. She links to it in every video though, so you could cbeck if you want.

onyx is the highest after black ice. well i guess im relieved she's not part of the AI scene. OR IS SHE? her face could very well be rendered to a female beauty algorithm and her voice would fit the trend of soothing feminine voices used in fighter planes. ohmygod roaming is an AI!

@ArthurM Your right! That would explain her logical and emontionless approach to politics. And we all fell for it!