Hi, Roaming; Don't if you know about this, but in the middle of your video on B*tch Magazine, it was interrupted by an ad for a documentary clearly filmed from the perspective of third-wave feminism. It opens with the words "Women have come a long way," superimposed over footage of marches from the 1910's and 1960's. Then (wait for it) "Women have had some setbacks," with footage of Trump in the background, then "Women aren't going away," followed by cringe-worthy footage by the Women's March. This is, of course, followed by radical feminists running for office, one praying (presumably to her non-privileged, tolerant belief system) for the "strength of a mediocre white man," while another proclaims that it's her "right to run for office," as though she is rebelling against the patriarchy by doing something completely legal. In short, the ad was the antithesis of everything you were arguing against, and I have serious doubts that the ad for this documentary (called "She's the Ticket," I believe) was selected randomly by YouTube to run on that one video of yours attacking third-wave feminism, and only that video, since I have not seen it anywhere else. I have seen this sort of discrimination before. I was watching a video by The Iconoclast (Don't know if you've heard of him, but he has an excellent conservative channel) where he talked about the spike of online dating sites for polygamous Muslims in the UK, when, lo and behold, an ad from one the very sites he was talking about interrupted the video. Anyway, sorry for the long comment, and please let me know if you've heard about YouTube doing this sort of thing with your channel before. Cheers! Liam.

I think it's because she was taking about the magazine. The ads get placed based on topic rather then whats actually said. The reason it hasn't appeared on her other videos about feminism is probably because they've been demonitized. Generally right wing videos get demonitized because advertisers don't want to be associated with them. She has had many videos get demonitized before so this likely will as well. I think people have to report them first?

That said, the advertiser COULD have selected her genre (right wing politics maybe) for the ad to appear (though not her specifically) to try to spread their message. But I doubt that, especially considering what it was advertising.

Hilarious ad though. Thanks for sharing!


+Armadillo You're right, that is possible. It could have just been nothing at all. However, I did remember that the ad for the Muslim dating site on The Iconoclast's channel did not show up on his video about dating sites; rather, it was on a completely different video of his. Now, I am not one given to conspiracy theories (I have no concern over chemicals in the water interfering with the mating habits of friggin' frogs) but this does strike me as unusual. I'm sure that there are all sorts of anti-feminist documentaries, like the Red Pill, that could be advertised. Showing a trailer for that on Roaming's video would make some sense to me, seeing that the tone of the video was anti-feminist. But frankly, I would love for YouTube to be doing this, just because it's hilariously petty. And yes, the ad itself was laughable.It just showed how little leftists feel the need to use facts, simply painting Trump (A.K.A. Orange Hitler) as women-hating, despite the fact that he's surrounded by women all the time. But anyway, thanks for responding, mate! :)

Yeah I agree it would be pretty funny lol. Wouldn't actually surprise me if they did though...