Hey Roaming. So, I happened to find a video on youtube a few days ago (and can't seem to find it again atm) that was arguing about the impact racism has in modern america. The video talked about a lot of stuff, but one thing that was very briefly brought was hate crimes. It mentioned that a crime is a crime, evil and wrong purely on its own, and being motivated by racism doesn't make it truly any worse. I looked at a couple of articles that broached the subject and there were some arguments out there that we shouldn't classify crimes as hate crimes and give them addition punishment since a crime is a crime, and classifying certain crimes as hate crimes diminishes the severity of the act on other victims. Not something I had given to much thought about before but now I've been spending some time on it. Would really appreciate to hear what you think on the subject.

Thats an interesting idea. Moral really shouldn't be part of law.

That is a multifaceted question, mostly having to due with providing federal supremacy over such matters that the federal government is not constitutionally privileged in the first place and are already existent within the state's sovereign policing powers.

However, personally, I feel there should be serious reform on such catch-laws, hate crimes, street violence (gang crime), drugs possession/use, elder crimes, domestic violence, traffic violations, etc.

For example, rather than having these pseudo-wobbler statutes and the like, these should be multiplier acts for existing statutes and already provide protection among the populace, and thereby, resolving XIV Amend. conflicts too. So, to provide a couple of examples, rather than punish somebody merely for being high on meth, an individual high on meth that commits a robbery would received a multiplier to the standard of their sentence, such being somewhat similar to how it works when somebody commits an armed robbery; and rather than getting a ticket for drinking with an "open container", one would receive a multiplier to their sentence for running a red light.