Hey Roaming, I remember you mentioning in some of your videos that you would have some videos exclusive to your site. If possible could this content have it's own section/page?

Yeah I was thinking she should do something like that too. It would be nice if the site had an organized list of all her content.

Good idea! I'll ask the developer about adding an exclusive content page :) The next video I'll do on this site will probably be a political compass test, since quite a few people have asked me to take one but it's not a video that would fit well on my YouTube channel/


Just as a side thought: Depending on what extensions and dB permissions are permitted by your host, you could use cURL (requires PHP) to hotlink all of your YT videos and descriptions to a dedicated page on this site, creating such a function that would auto-magically maintain your content (you could even so far as to copy the files over for preservation and detect 404-errors to then stream your locally archived files for viewing instead of black-boxing the pulled YT video--would require about 1-2 Tb of storage space over the long term.)