hey roam, what dya think of sugar babies/sugar daddies?

I don't think they're a good idea for either party. You should be with someone who's interested in you for more than just your looks or money :(


yup. it's both sad and ... sickening. and it seems to be popular especially among black women, for whatever reasons. another fruit of the leftist philosophies i think.

what are your views on prostitution? as far as i can see, most of the time the sugar daddies aren't even getting that out of it, or at least not at the market value, so to speak.

Sure doesn't seems like much of a relationship. People really ought to think about where their lives are going. There people are headed for misery and loneiness. Its sad really...


It's a fancy form of prostitution in my opinion.

@RyJaBr lol aww a more innocent time

@RyJaBr Lol, I thought that too!