I though Snopes was pretty left wing. There only argument is that sexual crimes doesn't mean raped. That's really missing the point. And it really goes against the mainstream leftists idea of what rape is lol.


afaik it's relatively unbiased https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/snopes/

the main point i think is that sweden records crimes differently, counting each incident seperately rather than as one crime

It feels like word games. Sweden does have a huge problem with sexual crimes, even though not "technically" rape. Also it's probably pretty hard to report rape when you live in a no go zone without police and dont want to leave your home.

where did you hear about 'no go zones' though? that might be a myth to bust too :) i don't know, but i'm very suspicious of nice catchphrase like 'no go zone' that's almost TOO euphonious