Hello Roaming, so a while ago someone made a response to one of your videos and how he has some disagreements to your video. The reason why I am bringing this up is because he says at the 19 minute mark of the video, that HE WANTS your response on what he had to say (Fans as well). Personally I just want to see the discussion of different ideas and how we communicate with each other, whether we disagree with them or not.

I lime this video. He made some well thought out comments, not just emotional responses. I think the incarceration point he made has been debunked before (something about something thats not controlled for). The point about weed is explaied by the fact that blacks get arrested for it whike being investigated for another crime they committed. And I don't think anybody is denying that past oppression controbuted to current poverty. She's just pointing out that white people today aren't activily being racist against non-whites.