Hello Roaming!
I'm an artist from the San Francisco Bay Area.
I enjoy your youtube channel! I did a sketch of you a while back. I hope you enjoy it.

@Irish Thank you friend. I actually did multiples this was the best of all of them. I couldnt get her likeness down. My previous versions were off but, I pictured her as if she was in a disney movie and I got this one.

Disney is a good fit for RM. I gotta ask, is it hand drawn or done in something like photoshop? Do you sketch on paper then scan it in?

@Armadillo Yes I drew it by hand in pencil then colored it in photoshnops.

@unkl_chng82 I should start taking art lessons.

@Irish That sounds like a great idea! You'll enjoy it.

You guys want to see my failed attempts of Roaming? ( Bottom Right corner )

This was a caricature I failed of her while at work. I had a few other attempts before I did the main one I shared.

Whoa those are...whoa. They're not bad, they just don't look like her... at all. Well at least the final one tired out great!

@Armadillo Yeah I didnt get the likeness on those previous attempts. She was hard to draw!

I did like seven different versions which lead to the Final. I don't what it was about her face but, it was tough for me to get down.