Have you thought of writing a book, Roam? Self-publishing, preferably - the publishing houses are rife with SJWism.

I think she did mention one time that she would like to write one someday. But, yeah it would probably be hard to find a publisher lol.


@Armadillo cool, i hope she does.

imho, publishers are dying, and rightly so - they are middlemen and no longer needed. they cling on to relevancy because the many myths around publishing and writing haven't quite been debunked, but more and more authors are going their own way. a good series of articles about this is: http://www.deanwesleysmith.com/killing-the-sacred-cows-of-publishing/ and i'd especially recommend those to Roam if she is thinking about writing a book (hint: do it!) she already has a larger platform than most current authors.

Yeah with the internet and all, publishers are pretty irrelevant. But I don't think her audience is quite there yet. I doubt they'll all purchase a book, so at this point unless she enjoys writing it its probably more efficient to make more videos. Her release frequency has been slower lately too, so maybe she doesn't have much time any more? Just my 2 cents.

i remember she mentioned it was about some fiction theme(don't recall exactly) but it'll be fun. I miss "weekly rundown" though, i guess not enough time & focusing on bigger projects. Whatever it is, i'm sure is worth(i'm not complainin RM)

yeah, depends what her schedule and goals are and whatnot. i'd hope she reads those articles above, and various others - i think escpeically YA and scifi authors are going solo or small press. the guy that runs boingboing is a scifi author and has written various articles about publishing etc - cory doctorow. (warning: boingboing is hella leftist lol)

also, scott sigler, a scifi author who started off podcasting his books for free and has built up a massive audience since. that could be an interesting way to go too, and Roam would have a headstart on that from her YT experience.

it's probably a bit different for non-fiction, more research and factchecking needed and so on, but it's very much a myth that a book should take years to write, and must be a major event. (see articles above :) ) oh, and that it only has to be A Book... multiple books reinforce each others sales and visibility.

oo @Jonuca even better if she's gona write fiction! i'd love to see that.