Have you ever heard of the anime Death Note? I know anime is not really your thing, but I believe that's because most of the anime that have been suggested to you are hundreds of episodes long (i.e. are extremely slow paced). Death Note is only 37 half-hour episodes long, so it's not that big of a commitment compared to the likes of say, Game of Thrones. It was so addictive I finished the whole series in one weekend. I highly recommend. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvOIQbHx2Xc

I'm actually not a fan of anime because it's weird. Just in general weird. The animation style doesn't do it for me, and Japanese characters/plots are very different from the conventional western ones I'm used to. With that being said, a friend had recommended Death Note to me and I thought the premise was interesting. I haven't seen the anime yet, but I did watch the Netflix live action remake and wasn't thrilled with it...

I gotta say though, I do like that a lot of animes don't seem scared to touch really dark subjects/themes!

Yeah, I watched the movie. I thought it was ok, but it didn't hold a candle compared to the anime. They also changed it a lot. I mean like, a lot (character personalities, backstories, the rules of the Death Note). For instance the whole "burning a page" thing was completely made up for the film. In the anime, if a name is written down, that's it, they're dead. I'd say the only thing they got right adaptation wise was L and Ryuk. (Willem Dafoe was perfect casting).

@RyKaBr I agree with that Willem Dafoe was amazing in that. I've never seen the anime but it was interesting because I liked the premise but I don't care much for anime at all.

If you liked the movie (because of the premise), you will absolutely love the anime.