First of all: Good on ya! Have you done / considered a Skype conversation with a Muslim millennial? I feel that would help us on the right to stop demonizing all followers of Islam.

I haven't yet, but I would love to! Are there any Muslim millennial advocates/commentators you know of who you think might be interesting to hear from?

Sure! Do they need to be famous or 'official' somebodies?

Hm, well ideally they'd have some sort of platform established, just so we can talk about their work and the issues they've been involved in promoting :D

Like the Imam? I hear you. My thinking was: what most people don't have is a regular practising Muslim friend. Simply conversing with a 'regular' Muslim might be illuminating as to what Islam means to a large number of people. The 'work' of most Muslims is being a Muslim. Extremists tend to 'promote' a skewed and misleading version of this, hence it would be good to get some balance. What do you think? Would you also be open to a private conversation with such an individual?

Some final thoughts, whatever you decide: 1) The thing that bothers me about the way in which 'Islam' is often dealt with is not that the speaker is fascist, racist, or all the rest. The word that I would use is 'naivete' - the casual dismissal of what is a great world faith followed by people of deep integrity, intelligence and wisdom, whom its detractors have clearly never met or conversed with. 2) Do you ever fly to the US on WestJet or AA? In terminal 3 at Toronto Pearson, there is a shoe-shiner who has shared with me many interesting stories and viewpoints about his faith. Straight up Canadian Muslim - with whom I would highly recommend a conversation next time you are there. Let me know, and I'm happy to shout you the cost of a shoe shine as a small repayment for the courageous and dignified example you are showing me and many other non-conformist thinkers around the world. Seneca out.