blaire white is a adult male human. discuss.

blaire white is a adult male human. discuss.

yeah, blaire's had some good landscaping done. i didn't know she was a man the first time i saw her, and she isn't in 'uncanny valley' territory, or very obviously male.
pronouns are weird, idk why they became such a big issue. they're used to refer to someone when not talking to that person, usually? like you'd say 'hi blaire, how are you?' but then later 'oh i met blaire. she was nice' but online of course we hardly ever talk TO people, just ABOUT them? :P

roaming retweeted some guy's video about this, basically that ya call them what you see them?? but i still am not sure! i did think of blaire as she when i first saw her, and now i know the facts i sometimes call her her, and sometimes i call him him.

i don't think it's fair to allow our visual system - which after all can see (.)(.) as a pair of boobs - to decide??? that seems like allowing our primitive brain to overrule our reason? should we go back to referring to the stars as little diamonds just above our reach? :P

and it brings up more issues: the trans ppl that can afford the best cosmetic surgery will be more likely to 'earn' the pronoun of their choice?

@Armadillo oh man, queen roamy is twittering about all this. knights, defend! lol

uh oh she brought up science!

without reading the study :( oh roamy roamy

oh @RoamingMillennial

Yeah it more about the SPEAKERS veiw of gender, not the person being referred to. I say "him" because he fits my definituon of that word. It dosen't matter if he looks like a girl. I think the issue stems from different ideas about what pronouns mean. Is it biology or appearences?


i think other languages have different ways of referring to gender right? anyone here speak other languages than english? like french has masculine and feminine and that changes how you say lots of words, not just personal pronouns... so how does this play out in other languages?

hey @Armadillo does this make sense:

If someone knows that Blaire was born male, but calls Blaire a woman, or uses the female pronouns to refer to Blaire, then they must believe that it is possible for a male to become a woman.

A man is an adult human male. A human male is a human that can (potentially) produce sperm. Potentially, because not all individual human males can, and not for all of their life.

A woman is an adult human female. A human female is a human that can (potentially) produce eggs. Potentially, because not all individual human females can, and not for all of their life.

For a man to become a woman, they would need to never have had the potential ability to produce sperm, in which case they were never a man. Or they would need to have had that potential ability and then lost it, in which case they WERE a man and STILL ARE since it is only the POTENTIAL ability that has been lost.

I'm hesitant to assume somebody's motive for pronouns use. They simply might have a different concept of gendrr or even another reason. Also I think chromosomes is better indicator of gender (XY for male XX for female). That would leave intersex combinations somewhat ambiguous (XXY for example). But I think in most cases if not all, it's pretty obvious what went wrong during fertilization making it easy to determind gender.