blaire white is a adult male human. discuss.

and of course the influences are vaster than ever before. hmm what would that be in the theatre analogy... perhaps that the author of the play (who is both the main character and also, like, culture??) has seen/read a huge amount of plays/stories before he sat down to write, whereas before he would have only have seen quite a limited amount with quite constrained themes??

which would perhaps be the cultural tradition and whatnot. shakespeare wrote about lots of stuff, but he never read any scifi so didn't have lazer guns in his plays? lol

@ArthurM Oooo your getting deep, nice. Well I think by most scientific measure Blaire is male. But what is the social definition? Perhaps "male" and "man" don't have to mean the same thing (male being biological, man social). But if it's a social thing then it's dependent on other people's willingness to call you a man/women. Which I suppose goes back to my main point of how you can't force others to accept your choosen gender (which, again, Blaire has not done). Could this mean that your gender therefore could change depending on who your talking to and how they preceive you? If someone thought Blaire was a women then learns he's a male and adjusts their view of his gender to man accordingly does that mean his gender changes?


@Armadillo yeah ive been wanting to get deep into blaire for a while... ... ... :D (sorry)

i reckon if someone thought blaire was a woman and then adjusts their view, then blaire would change in THEIR mind, which would change how they act and might change how other people act and so would have some tiny part of the culture or whatever...

subjective vs objective, maybe? maybe that's why the left are more ready to accept it... and perhaps even why more women accept it (idk if that's true, but the left seems to be quite skewed towards women? be interesting to see if thats true)

subjective: left, arts and humanities, women, younger, feelings
objective: right?, stem subjects, men or masculine?, older, traditional/conservative?, reason

so that's some part of the culture/society i guess. then there's the immediate context, place, people, etc etc, and then other things like trends and fashions, MEDIAAA, rolemodels, accepted things, etc etc etc

i wanna ask and think about the bf in all this, but i dont wanna get (even more) personal. is he an audience member suspending his deisbelief? i remember blaire said that men she (:p) dates go back to women after her so is that the period of the 'play' ? between curtain rise and fall the guy suspended his disbelief/his cognitive dissonance?? hmm.

ALSO, it's interesting that a lot of the trans ppl's view and goal of a woman's body is, well it's kim k/celebrity bimbo type quite often? or at least kinda hyperfeminine. it seems rare for a trans person to aim for a 'plainjane' type appearance?

'go big or go home' lol

I like my theatre analogy. It's also interesting that in shakepeare's time the actors were all men so crossdressed as the female characters. lol.

Yes I think it's very telling that they tend to be hyper feminine. This all goes back to my original theory that trans is caused by misplaced feelings for the other gender. They are trying to create their dream partner within themselves.

And I think they Shakespeare thing is very accurate lol.