As a film critic, this is a dilemma I am constantly faced with, and maybe you could help me with it: It is possible to consider a documentary brilliant and worth seeing even if you disagree with the politics (for the record, I've found myself truly debating this after seeing Ava DuVary's masterfully filmed but politically mistaken "13th")?

I haven't heard about that film before, but a politically wronge documentery can definitely be worth watching. A good documentary will display an accurate account of the issue at hand. It should be about showing the truth. In fact, the best documentaries are the ones that you can disagree with but still enjoy.


I think so. If a documentary provides accurate information and makes you consider a viewpoint that you hadn't before (even if you don't end up changing your mind), I think we can absolutely consider it a good piece of cinema and worthwhile addition to the conversation surrounding its subject matter :)

yes, definitely. as a film critic you should know that there are objective measures of beauty and craft and so on, no matter what the subject matter is. but postmodern & relativism are everywhere in the creative industries, i guess.