Are you single? And do you live in LA? :D

On one of her videos she said that she lives in Canada. She is way to smart to date some random guy from the Internet.


I think she is gay, she always refers to her significant other with the non gendered specific term of partner that SJW's use. And since she is not an SJW me think shes gay. Which is ok with me.


I think she said she had a boyfriend but I'm not sure but I could've swore I heard her say she had a boyfriend.

@popular92704 . No way. She said that she always want to be a mother. If she is gay the topic of gay rights would be a thing on her channel specialy in the context of getting a child.


@Faraday007 gay people can get pregnant and she may not be comfortable with outing herself. I for one except her as a lesbian and so should you!!!!!!!!


@popular92704 . I don't have any issues with gays I just have my doubts about her being gay. She is religious, she wouldn't date a ateist. I think most gays have at least some period of rebeling against religion. It is kinda obvious because they are told that being gay is a sin. In my personal experience lesbians are usualy tomboys. It would be just very out of character if she turned out gay i will be really shocked.

@mangodeltabravo No to both :)


Interesting that she didn't deny that she was gay though... :p

@Armadillo We don't know if she reads all the comments. Good point.

@Faraday007 Lol I know, I'm just teasing. :)