About four months ago, in regards to the video where you talked about the congressional shooter in the US, you confidently asserted in the video that "mental instability" is the usual culprit in mass shootings that don't involve larger ideological pursuits, and that if the gunman had any type of mental illness, that you would automatically blame the shooting on whatever hypothetical mental disability he may have possessed.

In reference to this academic journal published by the NCBI: (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4318286/), they have found that 3-5% of crimes in the US involve people with mental disabilities, that percentages of crimes that involve guns committed by the mentally disabled are at a lower rate than the average of crimes that don't involve criminals with mental disabilities, the vast majority of people with mental illness do not commit violent acts, that people with mental disabilities are more likely to be assaulted or shot by the police than to commit violent crimes themselves, and that being male and a binge drinker are predictive risk factors of serious violence.

Why do you seem to believe that mental illness is causing mass shootings, such as the Sandy Hook and Aurora movie theater shooting, to occur in the face of academic research that shows the contrary?

So your saying that they are labeled mentally ill because we can't comprehend the idea of evil? Interesting, but I don't think that's quite true. SJWs think us conservatives are based on simply hate, and campaign on fighting "hate". So I think we do talk about such things. Plus a lot of shooters have a history of mental illness prior to attacking.

I think maybe we've got to the point that anything that is different then the "exclusively inclusive" narrative that's so prevalent is blamed on hate, be conservatives or shooters. I wounldn't be surprised if leftists deny mental illness as a factor to try to convince people that shooters are no different then conservatives.


No, I'm saying maybe they are labelled as mentally ill because the medical professionals, and the criminal professionals, and also the media 'professionals' don't/aren't allowed to talk about evil, possibly.

ah I'm about done if the SJW weirdness is brought into it - those idiots could make 1+1=tangerine if they thought it'd suit them.

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@ArthurM Ah, thats possible. Not sure I buy it though.
And sorry for bringing up SJW conspiracies lol, that might be too far.

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Hello, I don’t wish to drag this out any further than how it’s already been, but there are two things I want to point out. When Roaming responded to my initial comment above: "Why do you seem to believe that mental illness is causing mass shootings, such as the Sandy Hook and Aurora movie theater shooting, to occur in the face of academic research that shows the contrary?"

Roaming’s response was: “James Holmes and Adam Lanza both had documented mental health issues”, which means that she is blaming Holmes’ and Lanza’s decision to go on a mass shooting on their ‘mental health issues.’ If you watch her original video regarding the congressional shooter, she makes this point quite clear around the middle.

Also, I understand that you are not accusing all mentally ill people of being deranged and have only been pointing out correlations between mental illness and violence. But I just wanted to say that I found an interview on Louder With Crowder with Jordan Peterson where Dr. Peterson says that the argument that asserts that mental illness is the cause of mass shootings is “very weak.” I’m sure he needs no introduction as a psychologist and as someone who isn’t trying to push any political agendas.

If you wish to see the video, as I think it’s also worth watching since Jordan Peterson also talks about the concept of evil just as how you and ArthurM have been doing recently, I can link it down below; it starts around the 49:27 timestamp:

I’ll try to ask Jordan Peterson directly about my questions then relaying his response directly to Roaming herself if necessary. My goal is to try and show people that mental illness doesn’t deprive people of their sense of morality. As Steven Crowder put it, some people think that Bipolar Disorder means that you act like Daffy Duck, when really, it’s a disorder that makes people go through cycles of “mania” and “depressive” that switch frequently.


I agree that mental illness doesn't rob people of moral. However be careful not to rob shooters of their's either. RM did mention in her video that their actions likely don't make sense to them either. Rather, perhaps its one of many ingredients that lead to a mass shooter. Mental illness affects different people in different ways. Its not hard to imagine that someone could commit evil in part because of how their illness has shaped their life. That plus the violence issue the left tend to have anyway (which RM did mention in the video) may lead people to do horrible things. Its probably a combination of things.

As for RMs comment, I think she was just poiting out that they did have mental illnesses after you implied they didn't (whether you ment to or not). Like I mentioned, she did say that the left has a violence problem on its own, not just people who have mental illnesses.

Interesting video nonetheless though, thanks for sharing it!
(Although perhaps this conversation has gone on long enough, maybe I'll wait until your next response to RM. :p)