Dear Roaming Millennial,

I have a good friend who I met through Julie Borowski last year. His name is Travis. He will be going to school and set up a new Young Americans for Liberty club in Texas. He expressed interest in inviting you to come out to his college in Texas as a speaker. Can he send you an email regarding honorarium and other details regarding the event? Thank you so much.

Robert Woo

Hi Robert!
Sure! If he'd like to get in touch with me, he can shoot me an email at roamingmillennial@gmail.com :)

@RoamingMillennial, I spoke to Travis. He planned on sending you an email in the near future. I spoke to my other friend. Her name is Katie Webb. I gave her your email. She will be more than happy to discuss with you regarding speaking engagements. :)

Great, thank you!