This is an old piece from 2010 when the ACORN, one of the most powerful organizations of poor people all over the country, was forced by a concerted Right-wing attack to close its operations. It's worth looking at that situation again, because ACORN was an electoral powerhouse, to the degree that poor people have ever had one in this country. I predicted here that the loss of ACORN would have huge implications for growing the progressive movement because aside from legitimate critique, there was a lot of illegitimate attack which eventually isolated and destroyed the organization. I do say here that "I'm not an ACORN apologist" and that the organization had some real quality control issues that needed attention. But had that decades-old, 26 state operation been allowed to thrive both by it's insides and the outside (fully acknowledging that many leaders and staff remain in organizing without it), , the last 7 years of elections would likely have looked different.