10 Books by Indigenous Authors On a Day That Should Be About Them

A great list featuring classics as well as excellent newer works by the best contemporary Native authors.

Literary Hub created this list last year for Thanksgiving, but it's equally appropriate for Columbus Day. As an aside, some cities have renamed this day Indigenous Peoples' Day, which seems appropriate to me. But I digress from this great list.

Some of my favorite writers are on it. Leslie Marmon Silko's Ceremony had only been out a few years when I read it in college and it has withstood a whole generation of new books to still be a stand out. Her Almanac of the Dead is also amazing, and huge -- a good book for a long trip or staycation. Louise Erdrich's The Round House, which won the National Book Award, is about a boy whose mother is assaulted on the reservation by a white man, and the tribe is unable to hold him accountable because of how the law runs. That book also holds one of the best explorations of teenage boy sexuality I've ever read.

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Oh man I love lists of good books. I have not read any of these. Does anyone have a suggestion on where to begin?

I would start with Ceremony or the Woman Who Owned the Shadows. The Round House is great, but features a sexual assault which, I will admit, I had to ask my Facebook community if I should read or skip. I did read it, and it was important to the story, but I did it breathing deeply and taking quite a few breaks. Anyway, maybe not the one to start with. Not that any of them are exactly light.