Show Me The Money: 6% From This Self-Storage Preferred

National Storage Affiliates Trust is a Maryland real estate investment trust focused on the ownership, operation, and acquisition of self-storage properties located within the top 100 MSAs throughout the United States.


  • National Storage Affiliates has issued their inaugural preferred stock, the Series A 6.00% perpetual preferred.
  • The new preferred is a solid way for income investors to invest in self-storage, which typically has lower yielding equities.
  • I will soon be launching a weekly podcast called "Show Me The Money," in which I will be providing sector updates and valuable REIT retirement investing strategies.

Recently, there has been a healthy amount of new preferred stock issuance from the REIT sector. For example, Rubicon just wrote on New York Mortgage Trust (NYMT) Series H Preferred and Sotherly Hotels, Inc. (SOHO) new Series C preferred.

Some REITs are replacing earlier, higher rate preferred stocks and some are tapping the market for the first time, capitalizing on the (still) low interest rate environment. One of these new issuers is National Storage Affiliates Trust(NSA).

For those not familiar with National Storage, I wrote on the company in September 2016 and I summed up the article as follows, "I would like to become a partner, and obviously not overpay." To recap the investment opportunity:

National Storage Affiliates Trust