Looking For The Perfect REIT, No Tricks Just A Treat

The game boils down to price and value, and the secret sauce is to find stocks with above-average appreciation potential and safe and growing dividends, and most importantly to buy them at attractive prices…ladies and gents, let’s go shopping for SWANs.


  • By applying margin of safety principles, I am continuously hoping to lower my overall risk to generate greater potential profits.
  • Throughout the year, I have written numerous articles on many so-called SWANs and it’s my goal to maintain outsized exposure to these sound dividend growers.
  • With just over two months left in 2017, I am very satisfied with my overall portfolio positioning; my Durable Income Portfolio has returned ~9.5% YTD.
  • "The quick profits are just froth. They arouse a fever in the blood anddon’t last. The worst thing that can happen to a new spectator is to make a lotof quick money on his first trade." Frank J. Williams