Charles Schwab CEO Share the Unorthodox Way He Interviews Job Applicants

Walt Bettinger has a rather peculiar way of testing those who apply for jobs with his company, Charles Schwab. He takes them to breakfast and has the waiter/waitress purposefully mess up the order. He then watches how the applicant reacts.

The idea is to get a look inside, not their head, but their hearts.

“What I’m looking for is whether their view of the world really revolves around others, or whether it revolves around them,” he said. “And I’ll ask then about their greatest failures in their life and see whether they own them or whether they were somebody else’s fault.”

I'd say that's a pretty holistic way of looking at a candidate's attributes. If he/she has all the smarts in the world. but a terrible attitude, it might not be worth the trade-off. But if an employer finds someone with base level skills, and a great attitude, that person may end up getting the job.