Take Vitamin Supplements? They May Not Be Doing Anything For Your Health At All

If you take supplemental vitamins, odds are you've been doing it for a long time. But do those extra pills each day actually help your health? Maybe not.

"Vitamin-rich foods can cure diseases related to vitamin deficiency. Oranges and limes were famously shown to prevent scurvy in vitamin-deprived 18th-century sailors. And research has long shown that populations that eat a lot of fruits and vegetables tend to be healthier than others.

But when researchers tried to deliver the key ingredients of a healthy diet in a capsule, [Dr. Barnett] Kramer said, those efforts nearly always failed."

What this is telling me is that taking certain supplements outside of the foods that they naturally occur in and putting them into pills seems to negate the positive effects of those things.

I'll have to ponder this more, but it's making me think over my views on vitamins and supplements. If it's the foods that are the best way to get these nutrients, then maybe it's time to consider some dietary changes. (And if you're spending tons of money each month on pills, maybe you'll save some just by getting the better foods instead).