I always felt there was something fishy with crypto currency. To many that were involved could never explain how it works or how to receive any ROI. Everyone i spoke to assumes that it is some type of stocks (not sure if it is or not). But it just never made sense.


@RikDaniel - very much the definition of an investment bubble and fad - just like the investment craze over tulips in the 1800's.

I agree! I feel like cryptocurrencies are so elusive. Why would anyone invest into something that has no past success to deem it credible?

I wonder what would happen if, or should I say when, people sell their bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies?

@JudithParrish - you better hope there are buyers at a reasonable prices or the price falls into a vacuum and crashes to lower levels setting a new price norm

I have a client that is fully engaged in taking advantage of the blockchain cryptology, (not for Bitcoin, but other security uses). I think the blockchain application will become commonplace. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blockchain

@liberty it very well could - I think some aspects of this investment fad will be useful

Bob, have you considered that any business even remotely connected to the banking system will Pooh-Pooh crypto just because it poses such a threat to them? An international currency that doesn’t depend upon or pay a transaction fee to the banks. Never happen.....say the BANKS! An anonymous way to pay for goods and services that can’t be tracked. Nope, won’t ever happen. And, when the idea that it isn’t backed by anything tangible comes up, that’s proof. Ignoring the unpleasant fact that our currency is fiat currency.

@MadDocG - great point. It just adds to the list why this is a failed idea - thanks for bringing that to the table

@Bob - alas, my sarcasm didn’t come through. :-). I’m on the board of one crypto currency, and everything I see points to this medium of exchange as being a wonderful addition to our world. I believe the naysayers are similar to my great grandfather who spoke with derision of the horseless carriage, never happen, it will scare the horses. Or Watson, head of IBM who famously said the idea of a person owning their own computer was nonsense. Crypto has a place, and I believe that place will only get bigger and more important. Just my .02 BTC worth, of course.

@MadDocG - lol - I need to slow down and read a little more thoroughly. I don't necessarily disagree with the potential of it happening. What about the politicians and the potential for abuse (worst case scenario) or over regulation (best case scenario) ? The politicians already (in my humble opinion) control and use and abuse the banking system. That is a pretty big stronghold. I would be interested in your opinions and how the abuse could be curbed. I honestly don't know. Those are my reservations. Thanks for the Grace on my missed interpreted comment!

@Bob - I don’t see how regulation is possible with an anonymous currency, that’s one of the features of virtual currency. How do you regulate a private barter economy? You can’t. Same idea. As for abuse, any technology can, and with our broken world most likely will, be abused. One cannot control what one cannot see, and with the block chain being validated by the community, control is pretty much impossible. My only concern is the exchanges. If those corrupted, then moving from one currency to another becomes difficult. That will be less of a problem once most of the little currencies go away, but right now it takes too long to exchange one for another.

@MadDocG - can't you just see the politicians doing everything possible to regulate - go figure - thanks for your thoughts

@Bob, sure, they can try....but how do you regulate something that is totally anonymous? No doubt they will find a way to try to screw it up...but I have faith that the block chain will defeat them. Have a blessed night, my friend.