The State of Texas Might Be Holding Your Money - Go Get It!

I received a letter from what looked like a credited agency.

The State of Texas Might Be Holding Your Money - Go Get It!

I received a letter from what looked like a credited agency. The letter read:

"Our firm is contacting you regarding your $875.78 refund transferred into a third party trust account where it is being held on your behalf for safekeeping. They claim to be private investigators and they have located this money for me.

I go through the process and get the check sent to me. Then I turn around and pay them a 10% finders fee. So, what is really going on?

They are basically going to the Texas Unclaimed Property Site ( and finding people who have money held there. For example, when an employer or organization sends out a check and it comes back undeliverable, they will typically send it to this Texas agency and remove it from their books.

The site says that Texas has returned over 2 billion dollars of unclaimed property to their rightful owners. So, you don't need a third party to do something you can do for yourself. Go to the site and enter in your information. You might find that you have money being held there. I went and checked and found 6 checks that have gone unclaimed probably from decades ago. Still, it is my money. I just had to offer up some proof and verify my identity.

The State of Texas allows up to 10% to be paid to a third party if you were to use one to help retrieve your money. The website claims that on some transactions they do charge 1.5%. It wasn't clear as to what type of transactions though.

Bottom line - go check it out. You might find a monetary surprise waiting on you!

Bob, great information! I saw this on the news before, unfortunately, no money for me.

Nothing for me(I've looked before), but a small amount for one of my daughters. Thanks!

@atkinsww1 - I was shocked to find 6 checks. The challenge might be proving they are mine!

If I were owed money I would already know about it and would have already been pursuing those who owe me. However, if I were sent a check(s) that I wasn't aware of, once I found out I would probably have a heart attack and never be able to spend it (LOL).

@jmarkb - make sure you go check - you might be surprised!

Well I was wrong, found one for me. I see the process to claim is not as simple as filling out an online form. We'll see how that goes.

@atkinsww1 - I neglected to mention that it took me a few searches to stumble onto it. Just make a case with everything you can send them that documents it.

That would be a wonderful blessing to get some unclaimed money due to me😊

@seer42 - make sure you search it different ways - with the business there might be some checks outstanding - I would search by the business if it will let you