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You know Bob as a radio host and writer. What about as a financial advisor?

I hear it all of the time. I didn’t know you were a financial advisor? I would have called you years ago. One of the true blessings in life is helping others achieve their goals. The way I see it the financial planning process has 5 parts.

Planning, Investing, Managing, Tracking, and Protecting your family. Unfortunately, few take the time to make sure all 5 parts are in place. Some might have the investing part down. However, they have no idea where they are because they are not tracking anything. Some have the entire investment process handled (investing, managing, and tracking) However, they left their family exposed to the consequences of not having a family protection plan in place. The sadder thing is the vast majority simply don’t have a plan. Having done this now for 25 years, I would estimate that the people without a plan is somewhere in the low 90 percentile. The reality is that there are a lot of forces such as emotion, the fiduciary rule (smaller account balances are losing their advisors), intimidation of the process, and financial product selling (versus consulting) that get in the way.

The good news is that you can achieve the 5 parts of the process in as basic of a way to as advanced a way. If you become an investment client, the even better news is that it is all included in the fees.

If you are serious about your retirement goals, give us a call. Judy Parrish, my client coordinator, is available by email ( or by phone at 972-386-0384. She can answer all of your questions and help determine if this is a fit for you. If you want to talk to me directly just tell Judy when she answers the phone or email me at

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