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When a tax-cut bill is described by the leader of the Democratic Party as “Armageddon,” and when Democrats use the phrases “people will die,” “Nazi,” “racist,” etc, to describe even the most mundane Republican proposals, that has an effect on people. And it’s mainstream leaders of the party using this rhetoric, not just fringe alt-leftists. This is just one reason Trumpsters are fed up with the MSM.

I have to agree Sany, the rhetoric is ridiculous!

Not just THE rhetoric, but Rhetoric, period. It's antithetical to productive discussion. Both parties do it, and it's not really meant to accomplish anything other than get votes and secure funding by playing on peoples' prejudices. Acting surprised or indignant about rhetoric in politics is roughly as useful as getting mad at a the sea for being wet and salty. Instead, pay attention to facts, educate yourself, and have an open mind. I mean, that's what this site is about right? Bringing (useful, productive, meaningful) discussion back to politics?