AP seems unbiased to me and their fact check coverage is even more comprehensive than what CNN did yesterday and I am seeing lots of false or misleading claims. Perhaps because they covered more of what Prez mentioned?

There was definitely an implicit bias against the President by the writers of the article. They made many assumptions and assertions that were simply not in context of the SOTU speech. For example: under "Illegal Immigration" they compared President Trumps proposed legislation to what "The Obama administration pushed for..." rather than compare the current framework of DACA to what the President has proposed.

Another example: under "Family Immigration" the President said that a family member can bring virtually an unlimited number of distant relatives..." and they extrapolated it to say that the system is backlogged so it really isn't happening. I don't read this as the President saying every one is doing it, but that the law allows for it and he wants to close up that hole.

Obviously everyone will take from it what they will and one Fact Check article might be better or more comprehensive than another, but to me there was an implicit bias from the writers at the AP.

The AP has been lost for a while now into propaganda journalism, but I give them credit for holding out longer against the internal tide of yellow journalism