Big Money’s Corrupting Influence in Politics

The removal of big money from politics can crumble the status quo of American

America must transform its politics so the government can better serve its citizens. The way
to do it is to take big money out of politics through campaign finance reform. This
issue sounds small, feckless and worthless, however, if implemented correctly, the
removal of big money from politics can crumble the status quo of American

Big money in politics negatively affects nearly every issue from gun rights to the economy. Citizens
must look below the surface to witness the money and its corrupting influence.
One of the clearest cut examples of this is with the environment. Data,
research, and models show a 1st grader that climate change is real.
However, the gross majority of Republicans in Congress are doubtful of climate
change. Below the surface, citizens can find that the big oil industry contributed
over 177 million dollars to 2016 federal campaigns which directly influenced candidates’ position on the environment. Conversely, climate change will not be questioned and ultimately acted upon when big money
is removed from politics.

Big money in politics also negatively affects who is elected. Yes, money doesn’t vote. However,
money is a strong and stingy filter as it controls everything before the ballot
box. A candidate needs big money’s permission to get on the ballot as well as big
money’s permission to make themselves and their policies known. Many diverse
candidates with excellent qualifications and a passion for creating meaningful
change will be elected if the big money filter is removed.

Finally, big money in politics negatively affects citizen engagement. It is terrible that a random
citizen’s phone call won’t mean anything to their a representative because a lobbyist
is on the other line offering a couple thousand dollars in the next election.
Situations like this and many more affect citizen’s psyches. On the other hand,
if big money in politics is destroyed, more citizens’ will hunt for current
events, engage in civic life and vote.

The removal of big money from politics can restore our democracy. It is an issue that can chart
a course where politics is a platform for the government to better serve its
citizens. Furthermore, it serves as a pathway where ideas are forged through
public participation and a place to solve the most profound issues of the day. If
we change our politics by reducing the impact of big money in politics, we will
change America.