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What is Russia's Game?

Is Russia really another of Trump's mistresses, or is there a different end game for them?

With all the large sums of money* being spent in Congress and by Robert Mueller’s special counsel to investigate Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Elections, it makes you stop and think, “What is Russia’s game?” Do they really love Donald Trump that much? Why would Russia want to potentially ruin any positive relationship with the world’s #1 superpower? What would they get out of ticking off the Americans?

One side of the aisle says Russia wanted Trump to be elected. The other side said Russia wanted Hillary to be elected because, after all, she was involved in selling a large stockpile of nuclear material to the Russians. But what if I told you that neither narrative was true? What if I told you that any influence Russia had in the 2016 elections was only the spark that lit the fuse to their ultimate goal?

First and foremost, if the pure thought of another country trying to influence the results of an election sickens you, you may want to check this link out, because America has done it many times in the past and has no intentions of stopping that practice. One could argue on the grounds of differences in moral intentions between U.S. meddling and Russian meddling, but the fact is, that the CIA has been doing this since its inception in the 1950’s.

So, what does support for a presidential candidate, who has campaigned openly to bolster the country’s Nuclear Weapon stockpile, do for Russia? What could they benefit by promoting a man who campaigned on a platform for a stronger military force with better weapons? Nothing. Russia’s game is active and is working brilliantly to their advantage.

Supporting a strong America doesn’t advance the Kremlin’s causes, but throwing chaos and distrust into the American system does. Mission Accomplished. Our politicians are more divided and partisan today since the Civil War. If we can’t get along together in the same room, how are we going to fight side-by-side against a common enemy if the need arises?

All facts, including the House Intelligence Committee investigation, have pointed away from any Trump campaign collusion with Russia during the election. Keep in mind, collusion and meddling in an election are two vastly different things. While both are against U.S. law, active participation in an attempt to rig an election is by far a worse offense on the part of the American.

So, what now? Both sides of the aisle need to drop the charged rhetoric against each other. Mueller needs to end his investigation quickly because it is obvious that it is going nowhere, fast and it's wasting a lot of money in the mean time. If there were going to be any bombshells from his investigation, I guarantee you that you would have heard about it with all the “leaks” coming from that special counsel. Let’s learn from the past and work to not repeat any of the same mistakes in the future. In the meantime, stop letting Russia win with the divisions that have grown up between us all.

*How much is the Mueller investigation costing you and me? Well, according to the A-MARK non-profit organization that tracks spending on special presidential investigations, Mueller’s team is currently spending approximately $49,340.84 per day. As of today (May 1, 2018) the investigation has been running for 348 days (May 17, 2017). At $49,340.84 per day, we have spent about $17,170,612.32 over the past year funding this investigation.

This is the kind of waste I disapprove of. Party Politics using our funds to pursue some shennanery, for what? smh. Do your jobs. lol Right?


It's not about Russia anymore-if it ever was. It is an attempt by The "resisters" to end Trump's Presidency and overturn a legal election. This wide ranging "investigation" is trying to find any crime they can or at least catch someone out about lying. I call BS!


I am honestly quite confused when I first heard of this issue. But when I read your article, it somehow enlightened me. Thank you for being specific with this topic.


Thanks! Always good to hear when my writing makes sense and helps in understanding! :)

True story! Russia wins daily by sparking the divisive flames growing bigger by the day


This is actually the only sensible goal to suspect from Russian activities in U.S. politics. In turn, we the people would actually be well advised to welcome opportunities such as are offered by RT, a Russia-run TV channel and online news outlet that gives critics of American corruption a chance to get on the air. Typically, serious criticism of government and people in high places only comes to the surface in foreign media that don't have to fear domestic repercussions.

As to the hysteria that affects some people over the idea of Russian meddling, I can only repeat my long-standing stance that as long as we have no functioning democracy at home, worrying about outside influence is moot. Furthermore, as long as we have thousands die unnecessarily each year from denied healthcare and millions living in precarious lives of poverty and even homelessness, we really have more urgent things to deal with than a handful of hardly noted and mostly ambivalent Facebook ads from Russian clickbait marketeers. And what about that alleged Russian hacking of the DNC's email server? We are supposed to worry about HOW we learned a dismal truth (the rigging of the 'Democratic' primaries) rather than about the dismal truth itself?


The uncovered Russian ads were glaring proof of Russia's main goal really and it has succeeded in flying colors!