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McCain Is Still Throwing Shots

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If you listen to the Whiskey Congress podcast or have read any of my previous posts, you might label me as left wing, liberal, a Democrat…whatever. I am not offended by any of those labels although none of them frame me perfectly. Regardless of my political labels, I am very comfortable saying that I am a huge fan of John McCain and I have been for years. I used to listen to Senator McCain on Meet The Press and Imus In The Morning (among other media outlets) and I loved and respected his candor, humor, wit and passion. Senator McCain has already survived ordeals that would have taken the fight out of most people. He endured horrors that I cannot fathom as a prisoner of war in Vietnam, when he could have used his family’s status to spare himself, but he did not. He challenged the political establishment of his own party several times and now he is facing what could be his final battle. Senator McCain has been battling brain cancer for months (perhaps years) and as usual, the Senator from Arizona is putting up a fight. He is also preparing for the aftermath of the fight. Senator McCain has said that he doesn’t want President Trump to attend his funeral if his time comes while Mr. Trump still occupies the White House. Odds are that Trump will be in office when John McCain takes his final breath. Having said that, I am not ready to count the tough old Senator out just yet. Regardless, John McCain has consistently bucked the party establishment and held his ground. As he faces the inevitable, he has drawn a final line in the sand and he has made it clear that he doesn’t want the president to cross it. I remain a huge fan of Senator McCain. I hope his fellow Republican lawmakers recognize the political and personal courage John McCain has shown and steer their party away from the circus that it has become. Having said that, John McCain is still with us and I hope he continues to beat the odds.

John McCain, who has been battling an aggressive form of brain cancer for more than a year, doesn’t want President Trump to attend his funeral and prefers Vice President Pence to be there, according to a New York Times report.

In addition, former Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama have been asked to deliver eulogies at McCain’s funeral, sources close to both former presidents and McCain told CNN.

The 81-year-old Arizona senator underwent surgery for an intestinal infection recently and was joined at his ranch by his daughter Meghan over the weekend. Last July, McCain was diagnosed with glioblastoma, the same rare and aggressive brain cancer that killed Democratic Sen. Edward Kennedy and former Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Beau.

“I don’t know how much longer I’ll be here,” McCain said in an audio excerpt of his forthcoming memoir, The Restless Wave, as NPR reports. The senator is also the subject of a nearly two-hour HBO documentary.

Ha at 81, he is hardly a prime candidate to lead the country.


Friendly reminder, Whiskey Congress is a two man team... the man that wrote this, wasn't me lol.


Are you like a conservative-liberal tandem or something else? But I agree, McCain is past his prime really, let's get him what he wants if he only has a few more years to live


@isobel_j my partner is a self described liberal, i'm an independent and our goal is objectivity although we can both be blinded by our own biases at times (all the time), but none the less we aim to be legitimately objective.


This is Jim...the author. When did I claim McCain should take a leadership role. I was merely showing my respect for him and his tenacity. He is old. His health is failing. And he is still swinging. I respect that despite my disagreement with many of his political positions.