Kanye West Needs To Think About His Choices

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By now you have most likely heard that Kanye West has lost his mind. If you haven’t, I’ll break it down for you, he walked into the offices of TMZ and said on camera that slavery was a choice, and that after 400 years, and all the slaves that were here, it really sounded like a choice to him. I’m not kidding, he really said this, the entire video is posted here, but the comment comes at about [3:26] into the video.

I posted the entire video so people could get the full context of where West is coming from. He wants to position himself as a free thinker, he wants to try new approaches to solving old problems, he wants to use his art and skill to usher in a new era of thought. All great and good, but along the way Kanye forget to pick up an actual book and read it.

We know that Kanye hates education, multiple lines throughout his music reference the short comings of education between the cost and what the schools are not teaching. I won’t necessarily argue with the fact that Americans, especially Black Americans for one reason or another (which means self inflicted and external factors) are getting the short end of the stick in the way of education. What I will argue is that if Kanye wants to be a revolutionary he needs to educate himself on the history of this country and the history of people that look like him in this country.

To say that slavery is a choice sounds clever, and a black person who puts this statement out for public consumption with no reference to the consequences of said choice to be a slave or not to be a slave, is less a profound free thinker, and more a provocateur of controversy, someone who likes to “stir the pot”, fire up people on social media, or just talk shit in general. It’s lazy to say slavery was a choice and put a period at the end of the sentence. It’s essentially like covering a man in shark infested waters covered in raw meat while standing at the top of the ladder of the boat with a shotgun, yeah meat covered guy has a choice, but they both end in a way you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. The idea of slaverybeing a choice is so absurd because of what your actual choices were at the time. In simple terms, yes you had a choice, but there is nothing simple about slavery, in fact it was so complex we fought a war over it and nearly destroyed the Union. Back to the slaves’ choices, revolt and and you were facing trained militias armed with guns, mounted on horses, with whips, and vicious dogs. You probably didn’t have shoes, you were exhausted, you didn’t know the land, and you had no resources even if you did escape. Oh and by the way there were very few places you could go, where the people there wouldn’t return you back to where you came from, keep you as a slave, throw you in jail, sell you to someone else to be a slave, or just kill you on site. Friendly reminder folks all that was if you managed to actually escape. If you rebelled and didn’t escape, the best you could hope for was to maimed but able to still work, the worst was death. You have no value as a trading commodity because you’re uppity and tried to escape, so if they did try to sell you, chances are you were going to a place where they treated slaves much harsher than the place you just tried to escape.

That’s the light version of if you tried to rebel or run away, choice one. Choice two is if you stay. If you stay, as a man, you’re beaten with a whip, you’re forced to work no matter the weather conditions, you live and sleep in unsanitary conditions, you’re separated from your family, and at anytime someone could kill you for looking at them the wrong way. If you’re a woman, you will be raped, if you become pregnant there is no guarantee you can keep and raise your child, and if you don’t get to keep the child, you will most likely never know where that child will end up. You work the same hours as the men, and you have to cook and clean with what little resources are given to you to do so. And like the men you can be murdered at anytime for any reason with no repercussions.

So Kanye, those are the choices you so eloquently spoke about, but in case your rebuttal is “what about Harriett Tubman” or “Nat Turner”. Regarding Harriett Tubman, I have no rebuttal, she made a choice to escape and take upon herself the responsibility of going back and freeing her family and hundreds of other slaves prior to the end of the Civil War, so she made the right choice. Again, its not simple, and Tubman’s life after her escape personifies the complexity of the situation. Harriett Tubman was an extraordinary human being and had every slave had her mentality, then sure, things may have been different in black people’s favor, or plantation owners and local authorities in the South would have started a war with the slaves that ends in the eradication of Blacks in the United States, we’ll never know.

Nat Turner also made a choice, he chose to revolt against his owners, hoping to lead a mass rebellion and free slaves from bondage. In 1831 Turner and roughly 50 other slaves tried to take over an armory in a nearby county in Virginia, but the plan was defeated by a local militia. Turner and his followers were all hanged, and an additional 100-200 Black Americans were murdered after the revolt to scare other slaves away from the idea of revolting. During the revolt nearly 100 white people were killed as well, which also lead to the brutal aftermath for the innocent slaves that were murdered for revenge. Again, those were the consequences of Turner’s choice. If we’re going to talk about choices, we have to acknowledge the consequences, good, bad or other.

What scares me about Kanye’s statement is not so much his lack of knowledge, or his lack of a willingness to acknowledge history (willful ignorance or conscientious stupidity both equally dangerous), but instead it’s how he doesn’t see the broader picture as it relates to the here and now, and the future. Because he did, in my opinion, a poor job of articulating the consequence of choice, he allowed white supremacists and those that want to minimize the impact of the Atlantic Slave Trade, to use his words to further their message. Across social media white supremacists extremists (and not so extreme) are quoting Kanye West to try to soften or even explain away slavery. Texas history books were as recently as 2015 describing slaves as workers, and describing the era of slavery in the context of immigration. If you add that slavery was a choice, you’ve now conveniently explained away slavery and made it into this annoying hiccup that gets black folks all worked up over “working, after immigrating here, and choosing to continue that work until the late 1800’s after the Civil War”. That’s the danger here, and while some will say, no one listens to white supremacists, and they’re the fringe, my response to you is that their voice is growing, their impact is increasing, and their reach is expanding. While Steve Bannon was at Breitbart he announced the media outlet as a platform for the Alt Right which is a white supremacist organization. While Alex Marlow and company now back pedal away from that pronouncement and try to convince us that their beloved former leader some how didn’t know what he was saying when he said it, he did say it, and the Alt Right heard it, as did everyone else. The Alt Right and Breitbart (whose base is undoubtedly growing with the emergence of Donald Trump) hear Kanye West say slavery is a choice, and its a dog whistle for them, it ignites their base, and fuels their fire to keep pushing the limits on “racial conservatism” or racism for short.

A few other things I want to clear up about Kanye and his new found righteousness. We’re not giving him a pass. What I mean by that is we’re not going to blame this on his mom dying, we’re not blaming this on the fact that he married a Kardashian, we’re not blaming it on album promotion, and we’re not blaming it on his alleged opioid addiction. I do believe that Kanye believes what he’s saying and he’s doing what he feels is right. The problem is that its all based off of emotion and feeling and it’s not rooted in anything other than tweets that he read on twitter and YouTube clips. Twitter and YouTube are helpful tools, but you need more, you need context, you need to understand the timeline, you need to understand all the moving pieces and parts before you make a statement like that, because if you did, you would never actually make that statement, or you wouldn’t make it with referencing the consequences.

I will say that Kanye, isn’t completely wrong. We do need more love in the world, we do need to look at ways to communicate better with people we don’t agree with, we do need to try new strategies to get our message heard, because the anger and hate isn’t working. I will 100% cosign that thought. I will also say that Kanye is not wrong when he says Black people don’t have to be Democrats, but there is a caveat. There are and always have been Black Republicans and typically previous generations of black people have been very conservative, but for reasons of self interests and preservation they tended to vote more democratic, whether it be because of unions and labor with so many blacks employed in manufacturing during the 80’s and 90’s, or voting against Republicans because they waged a war on drugs that was wiping out an entire generation of blacks with no end in sight (yes we are all aware of Bill Clinton’s role here, but people had to balance him bringing jobs back against the war on drugs and the crime issue so #choices). Black people are not a monolith and we don’t all think and act the same, and we don’t need Kanye West to confirm this for us.

If Kanye West wants to support Donald Trump so be it, he’s not the only famous Black person to do so, If he wants to solve all the world’s problems with his music and love, please do, when he’s focused, he’s one of the best. If Kanye West wants to tell the world about slavery and what it was or wasn’t, he needs to educate himself, he needs to learn his history, he needs to understand his platform and the impact of his words, and he needs to get it right.

I agree with much of what you've said here. But I'm not really concerned with Kanye's statement as much as his right to say it. I don't know if you've had a chance to see my interview with our contributor, Virstyne Henry: (https://www.themaven.net/politicalstorm/conservative/a-conversation-with-virstyne-henry-aka-truther-talk-vRGxkelEJ0uXmdYh9FEu0g/ In it she says that she is tired of all Black history being about slavery and she thinks it has had a negative effect on both Blacks and Whites. She doesn't want to think of herself as a former slave all the time. I believe that what Kanye was saying (quite inarticulately) is that continuing to identify through slavery for African Americans traps them in the whole history of slavery forever and THAT'S a choice.


First of all I appreciate you taking the time to read what I wrote. I also appreciate both you and Ms. Henry's perspective but let's not bastardize what I wrote or what Kanye said. Neither I nor Ms. Henry have ever been slaves, so there is no reason to think of ourselves as former slaves. But whether we like it or not, we are descendants from slaves, and that history is American history and is and forever will be woven into the fabric of our society. You would never ask Jews or Germans to forget the Holocaust, and even though we treat Native Americans like shit, we would never ask them to forget about the Trail of Tears and what happened to their people, so Black People, the rest of the country and slavery. Slavery is this country's original sin and you don't get to brush it aside because it's annoying. That being said our history is much more than slavery, but you can't tell our history without talking about the obstacles that existed during the time and why they were there, otherwise it's not an accurate history. As for Kanye, he has every right to say whatever he pleases in the public sphere and in turn he can be criticized for it by that same public. He can speak on history all he wants, all I ask is that he gets it right, and paints a complete picture. I'm not a former slave, I'm a lawyer, a writer, an athlete, and a handsome man who appreciates history, and Kanye West doesn't get to willy nilly throw out ridiculous ideas without critique because he's having a moment of incoherent clarity that happens to align with conservative narratives. All due respect.

I'm a white guy, and my take away from Kanye's tweet was that it was supremely ill timed and considered, and was a highly offensive bid for free press coverage. I think the best we can hope for is that he's confused "culture" (the attitudes and behavior characteristic of a particular social group) and "heritage" (something that comes or belongs to one by reason of birth; an inherited lot or portion) Slavery will always be a significant part of black heritage, but it is indeed a choice to make it part of your culture.

P.S. I should also say that ill informed,
offensive celebrities aren't exactly rare, and that this is a 9 days wonder at best. Turns out Kanye's an idiot. So what? Don't let it keep you up at night. Treating his opinions with the respect they deserve doesn't mean they deserve much respect.

Kanye West doesn't get to willy nilly throw out ridiculous ideas without critique because he's having a moment of incoherent clarity that happens to align with conservative narratives. All due respect. -Whiskey Congress - Steve you're absolutely right about that point. My point- and I'm thinking Virstyne's point is that certainly, you never forget slavery- of course not! But it's a question as to whether people can move forward from their history and not let it define them. It's one of the reasons we have so many world conflicts. Virtsyne

Sorry- writer error! It's a question of letting it define a group, whether they are Native Americans, Jews or African Americans.


Here's the thing: Look at this map published in the Washington Post:

Sorry about that- technology is hurting me today, but the link works
The fact is that slavery of many peoples by many other peoples is rampant in the world. Maybe as Americans, we could unite over eliminating it. Once and for all.

Yeah Kanye lost his goddamn mind. But he's got an album coming out. TMZ did a good piece on him saying this and being called out. I'm white so my opinion on what he said may not be as accurate as my colored brethren, so I'll leave it at that.


Kanye was talking about a different kind of slavery and yes some people could be slave to any ideals by choice

@wonderwall15 you're molding his statement to fit a narrative to make a point. Because he didn't clearly articulate his point, he leaves it open to interpretation, so you're choosing to interpret his meaning as "a different type of slavery", slavery to ideals, materialism, the democratic party, social media, whatever, but that 400 years absolutely includes the Atlantic
slave trade and the slavery we fought a war to end, and had to outlaw via the constitution. I'm not glancing over that for the convenience of Kanye West (who made the ridiculous statement) or people who are "tired of hearing about slavery".

@jonsaltzman Black people have moved on from slavery, just because it's discussed doesn't mean it's something that holds us back. And just because people are tired of hearing about it doesn't mean we will or should stop talking about it to make you or anyone else black white or other more comfortable. If you want to eradicate slavery, you don't start by not talking about your (as a country) very connection to it. See a majority of black people are average citizens that contribute to society at the same level as their white counterparts. We also have extra ordinary citizens who contribute more on a higher level, just like white citizens, from lawyers, to doctors, scientists, athletes, engineers, the list goes on. All that being said there are still instances where the ordinary and the extraordinary black citizens are treated differently because of a characteristic we can do nothing about. You really want people to leave slavery in the past, then lets all leave it in the past and actually start to believe the idea that race doesn't matter. We'll do it when you do.

For the record Counsellor, I am trying to have a conversation. You really think Kayne meant that "slavery is a choice?" All I am saying is that there are different views on the slavery discussion in the Black community which get no attention at all. It seems to me that those people are being told to shut up. I just raised the question because I happened to interview another contributor that may disagree with you. I also said that she had a point. It seems like you've personalized this to me. All we do here is try to have a reasonable dialogue so that the conversation moves ahead.

Actually what I'm saying is,
words matter, and how we articulate words matter. We actually don't know what Kanye West meant because he didn't articulate it well and it's now been left to interpretation. We are having a conversation and its about a tough topic, nothing was made personal to you at all. My use of the word "you" was general, you, y'all, the collective group of similarly thinking people, not you, Jon Saltzman. I've said from the get go black people are not of one mind or thought, and I didn't attack your guest's position other than we're not former slaves. In fact I think I actually support her position based on what I said compared to what she said. Nothing personal here, but if you take it as such that is on you Mr. Saltzman.

Sorry- like am being a little sensitive- it’s hard to talk about these kind of issues - so thanks for engaging with me! I’m glad you did! I really do understand your position better than I originally did. So I appreciate your taking the time!