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Will Mueller Investigation Survive Legal Scrutiny & Starbucks' Hysteria!

Welcome to the 50th Episode of the "Let's Talk Headlines" series.

Hello Everyone, Welcome to the 50th Episode of the "Let's Talk Headlines" series. I want to thank you all for tuning in to this milestone episode. Today we look at a few topics including North Korea's stand down with Nuclear testing, two police officers shot and killed while at a restaurant, and the viral Starbucks story about two black men being arrested at the establishment. Check out my perspective and let me know what you think!

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Great post J. I love the way you take tough issues and break them down and examine them with objectivity! It was interesting how little attention was given to the shooting of the two officers and the favorable outcome of the school shooting due to the Resource Officer's effective presence.


P.s. Congrats on your 50th show!!


Congratulations on the milestone J!


Thanks, Jon! I agree. It's obvious what kind of stories the MSM want to push. And thanks again for your support!


I really appreciate that, Phil. Thanks for the support bro!


great milestone - congratulations!


Ha Mueller's investigation where to begin. Is it normal to have special investigations like these take this long to provide anything substantial. How's it like with Nixon before or other politicians?